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To see the parents, visit my crew site.

Kittens were bred in Petz 4 without any overwriting or modified files unless otherwise noted. Size, shape, marking, and patchless traits will pass down consistently with a good breeding mate.

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Finale & Greg (2017)

Bathilda Hannah Ludo

Sabriel & Cadburry (2017)

Amelia Cuthbert Katie Phineas

Anne & Wizard (2017)

Amycus Frank Lavendar Sirius Susan Terry

Atia & Phelp (2017)

Alecto Charity Michael Millicent Reginald

Boat & Sparky (2017)

Cho Colin Dennis Dirk Fleur Gabrielle Marjorie Mary Penelope Petunia

Ladybird & Boris (2017)

Arabella Dawlish Dedalus Hermione Marietta Merope Roger

Pause For Real Talk

Kittens past this point were bred prior to 2017. I did not put bows on the girls and I did not give them names. Sorry!

Alverta & Crush (2010)

ac1 ac2 ac3 ac4 ac5 ac6

Anne & Newspaper (2010)

an1 an2 an3 an4 an5

Bea & Greg (2010)

bg1 bg2 bg3 bg4 bg5

Belinda & Africa (2010)

ba1 ba2 ba3 ba4 ba5

Blob & Helix (2010)

bh1 bh2 bh3 bh4 bh5

Bramble & Sauna (2010)

bs1 bs2 bs3 bs4 bs5

Carnival & Alfred (2010)

ca1 ca2 ca3

Crumby & Rocky (2010)

cr1 cr2 cr3